Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities:

  • $250  with inclusion into sponsorship section of website
  • $400  to be included in printed materials, inclusion into sponsorship section of website, 1 admission ticket
  • $800  to be on printed materials and banners, inclusion into sponsorship section of website, two admission tickets
  • $1600 to be on printed materials and banners, inclusion into sponsorship section of website, a non-commercial 1000 word writeup about the donating company and what they do with 4 admission tickets

Your donations will lend needed support to Humanity+

Humanity+ conferences bring extraordinary people together from across the globe to discuss the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. The discussions range from artificial general intelligence, to genetics, prosthetics, nanotechnology, life extension, cryonics, the singularity, global security, the environment, arts and entertainment. Humanity+ conferences help bring important ideas to billions of people.

We live at a fascinating and critical time in human history, when transhumanist ideas are rapidly moving into the mainstream media and the public eye. This presents both risks and opportunities. Humanity+ is working on improving the transhumanist dialog – strategizing methods for expanding the circle of critical thinkers who realize and take seriously the potential for technology to both improve and threaten humanity’s potential for a positive future – by donating to Humanity+ you are biasing the odds in favor of achieving a beneficial outcome.

Running a nonprofit like Humanity+ costs money – for web hosting, for travel, for food, for fees and taxes and prize funds. As a nonprofit, we recognize that without our donors and members, the conference and other previous achievements would not have happened. We have some amazing people on the Humanity+ team, but at the end of the day, things can’t get done without the funding to support them. By donating to Humanity+ or becoming a sponsor, you help provide critical funds to support projects like H+ Magazine, Humanity+ conferences, the Humanity+ newsletter and H+ Press.